1butt + 2shafts + spares

 valigetta-cue-case-koffer-mallette-norditalia-longoni-compact chiusa 
 valigetta-cue-case-koffer-mallette-norditalia-longoni-compact aperta  valigetta-cue-case-koffer-mallette-norditalia-longoni-compact serratura
 soyuz  valigetta-cue-case-koffer-mallette-norditalia-longoni-compact manico
Item / articolo 201564L valigetta-cue-case-koffer-mallette-norditalia-longoni-compact serratura-aperta



weight / peso 1,4 kg

max internal lenght /
lunghezza massima interna

790 mm
external size / misura esterna 830 x 140 x 85mm
material /materiale

Abs with leather /
Abs con pelle

locks / serrature

1 combination lock + 2 normal
locks /
1 serratura con combinazione
+ 2 serrature normali

The company reserves the right to apply any modification to materials, descriptions or configuration without any previous notice.
La ditta ha la possibilità di applicare qualsiasi modifica a materiali, descrizioni o caratteristiche senza obbligo di notifica preventiva.

downloadAll the Longoni cue cases are interiorly printed and assembled in Italy according to Longoni specifications to ensure a long life-time, handiness and elegance.

shieldThe main structure is made of ABS, a resistant and elastic plastic, used in fields where the protection must be the best one as for the autos' bumpers. and alle products are under Longoni Group copyrights

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